SA’s first smart-tech enabled security solution offers homeowners unparalleled residential crime prevention

Imagine a security solution so intuitive, it can detect criminal activity at your property even before criminals have the chance to get close to your home or family? Thanks to the smart CCTV technology-enabled security solution from Myertal, the first of its kind in South Africa, that solution is now a reality, offering you and your family the ultimate peace of mind.

Myertal believes affordable residential security is a right not a privilege, and that smart technology is the answer to securing South Africans’ homes.

The Myertal smart security solution doesn’t rely on electric fences, motion detectors, beams or alarms to function, it operates purely on cutting-edge software and smart technology. Unlike security guards that can fall asleep on the job or complacent armed response officers that take too long to respond, this security solution works 24/7, in real time, with the smart technology ensuring it doesn’t miss a thing.

Should abnormal activity be detected, a 5-15 second video clip instantly pops up in the offsite Myertal control room where the threat is assessed and either dismissed or escalated. Through this process, Myertal’s unique smart video analytics software literally learns which threats are false alarms (like a plastic bag stuck in a tree in your garden) and which threats are real, and bases all future alerts on this ‘learning’.

As part of its customer service offering, Myertal can provide an obligation-free assessment of your home’s existing security systems, delivering detailed insight into loopholes and possible weaknesses within these systems.

Contact Myertal on 0861 488 884 or for a no-obligation security assessment of your residential premises.




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