Home and Residential CCTV Monitoring

Myertal offsite CCTV monitored surveillance is changing the security landscape, as we know it, for homes across the country. Our ground breaking smart detection technology keeps your home protected around the clock. Our smart detection technology also enables us to recognize incidents early and react immediately. The result always with the crime prevented and the suspect arrested! With Myertal you and your family are always safe and secure.

Stop Home Intrusion with off site monitoring surveillance systems - Myertal Tactical Security

  • 24/7 Live offsite smart surveillanceOur solution secures your home 24/7 from our state of the art offsite control room.
  • Smart detectionOur detection technology utilizes superior self-learning video analytics, ensuring no suspicious activity goes undetected.
  • Significantly more effectiveThe Myertal smart surveillance solution eliminates problems associated with conventional lazy, sleeping, untrained guarding solutions.
  • Smartphone ViewingMyertal’s clients can access their own cameras from their smart phone for transparency and absolute peace of mind.  
  • Considerably cheaperOffsite CCTV monitoring is a cost effective guard replacement alternative. Our detection technology integrates into most existing CCTV cameras for minimal hardware requirement and capital outlay for maximum return on your investment.


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